Logistics centre and warehouses

Modern warehousing solutions and advanced automation offer excellent facilities for the efficient storage and handling of small goods.

At the start of 2023, Velox opened a new logistics centre in Tuusula, near the terminals of the major transportation companies. The new centre uses its floor area more efficiantly, allowing the storage of 4 pallets per square metre. This was achieved by increasing the height of the warehouse space and designing aisles with a width of 1,5 metres for operation using narrow-aisle forklits. 

Small goods and pallet storage

The warehouses have separate shelves for small items according to the purpose of use. The temperature-controlled warehouse (from +15 to +25 C°) is ideal for products such as foods, non-durable consunmer goods, cosmetics, hygiene products and pharmaceuticals. The Velox warehouses are registered food premises and hold a tax warehouse authorisation. 

Smart technology and automation

We use smart control in our tehnical building services. The warehouses are heated using air-source heat pumps programmed to provide heat during the night when the load on the electricity grid is lower. Significant amount of electricity can be saved by lighting only the areas that are in use at the time automatically as personnel move from one warehouse area to another.

The storage capacity was increased by using wire-guided automated forklifts, enabling the shelves to be arranged cost-effectively. Goods are always loaded and unloaded in an area protected from the adverse effects of the weather. The yard has 8 full-size loading bays and additional bays for vans. 

The logistics centre in figures 

  • 7000 m2 (126 000 m3)
  • 133 m x 50 m
  • 20 000 pallet places
  • 76 000 shelf places
  • Height 16 metres
  • Temperture-controlled warehouse: +15- +25 c

Contact details

Address: Liekonkuja 2, 04300 Tuusula

Email: info@velox.fi

Warehouse space available today

Outsource your warehouse to us, and you will only pay for transactions, such as receiving products at the warehouse, storage according to your current needs, picking, packing and dispatching. 

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