More sustainable warehousing

We. aim to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the packaging, distribution and transport and significantly decrease the use of plastic.

Sustainability is integrated to Velox's continuous development, enabling us to improve day-to-day business. When you outsource your warehousing to us, you are automatically optimising your use of space and reliability of your deliveries.

Environmentally friendly pakaging

We reduce the amount of material waste by using only recyclable materials in our packaging and ensuring our boxes are correcty sized. Velox is also committed to reducing the use of plastic in packaging wherever it is possible and necessary.

"In the simplest terms, we demonstrate sustainability by using only essential materials of the correct sizes in our packaging. We also endeavour to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging tape and protective film."

Markus Autio
CEO | Velox

Optimised warehouse facilities

The most effective way for Velox to save energy in its warehouses is to make use of all the possible space. THis means minimising the amount of space wasted by aisles between shelves and increasing the height of the warehouse space. The warehouses also have separate shelves for small items according to the purpose of use.

We use smart control in our technical building services. The warehouses are heated using air-source heat pumps programmed to provide heat during the night when the load on the electricity grid is lower. Significant amounts of electrity can be saved by lighting only the areas that are in use at the time automatically as personnel move from one warehouse area to another. Goods are always loaded and unloaded in an area protected from the adverse effects of the weather. About our warehouses

People and occupational safety

We encourage our employees to incorporate sustainability into their everyday activities and participate in corporate responsibility development. As a company, we are committed to providing our personnel with a safe working environment where everyone's well-being takes priority, irrespective of their role in the company. 

We have optimised our processes around the Velox warehousing system, improving our ability to serve customers and create cost savings. This ensures sustainable business continuity into the future.

Offering greener transportation

Customers can choose a haulier committed to redusing its emissions and transporting items with the minimum use of fossil fuels. For example, customers may purchase an earmarked share of emission-free deliveries. They receive an emission report containing the share of fossil-free transport attributable to them. If customers have their own emissions targets, the share can be deducted from their emissions.


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